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Everyone wants to be able to relax and enjoy their home without worrying about pests getting in and causing damage or bothering them. This should be something that you can do no matter where you live. The Ratpack Way is our customer first approach that makes us stand out. Ratpack is able to keep pests out of your home and keep them out without cutting into your savings. It can be very expensive to repair your home if pests get in and cause damage so it is best to deal with the problem as early as possible.

There are certain measures that you can take in order to keep your home pest free, even in areas where there are many different types of pests. There is a Full Home Inspection which can be done on your home to find any pest infestations which you may have and to identify weak spots where pests could potentially get into your home. By dealing with both these situations as early as possible it is much less likely that you will need to pay a significant sum of money in repairs for damage caused by pests.

Pest control in Northern Virginia no longer needs to be the big hassle that it was in the past. Almost all of the pest control treatments which are used today are non-invasive and very safe. There is even an organic solution for termites. You will be able to avoid harmful chemicals and eliminate any pest infestation while staying within your budget.

Your Ratpack representative will be able to handle a pest infestation of any type. Whether you have a problem with termites, ants, rodents, spiders, or almost any other type of pest there is a solution which can be easily implemented in your home. All Ratpack's solutions come with the promise of excellent customer service and a price which will have you smiling when all is said and done. Pest control should be about solving your problems not creating new ones, and that is exactly what our pest control company is designed to do for you.

Ratpack provides customers with pest control solutions which will allow them to rest easy knowing that their home is protected from pests.

Are You Ready for Termites?

Spring is coming! We had a wet winter. Termites love that. During the winter time, termites are still working hard to get into your home and cause damage. Are you ready?

Here are some important questions:

When was the last time your home was treated for termites?
When was the last time your home was inspected for termites?
Do you have a Termite Warranty in place?

Let’s Understand Termites

Termites, specifically Subterranean Termites, live in the ground under your home. They need the moisture in the ground to survive. They build what we call mud or shelter tubes to travel from their nesting area under your home to places where they can get food. Their food is the cellulose in the wood of your home. They only need a very small crack in the brick or concrete of your foundation to gain access, which means that they can cause serious damage before you even know they are there. They are active all year long, in the spring and summer months they are closer to the surface for more moisture and warmth. Winter months don’t mean they hibernate or die off, they just go deeper in the ground and continue on with their business. In the spring, if their colony is big enough, the reproductives will swarm so they can pair up and mate to start a new colony where ever they land. They don’t have to start out in your house, all it takes is one swarm on a sunny day next door or even down the street, and they get blown onto your property. Now you have a problem before you even know they are there.

Regular Inspections Are Important!

It is very important to have regular inspections of your home for termites. Simply because they come from the ground up and you normally don’t see them until it’s a problem. Termite Inspectors are trained to notice problems that you may not know about. Life gets busy and sometimes we just don’t have time to notice the little things. That’s why inspections are important. Regular inspections of the home will also save you a significant amount of money because you have the change to detect problems before there is damage. Just in case you didn’t know, most home owner’s insurance DOES NOT cover termite damage repairs, so you would be on your own in paying for damage repairs that could cost hundreds or thousands.

How Much Do Inspections Cost?

Termite Inspections don’t have to cost anything. Most reputable companies in our area with provide a no cost inspection with an estimate for treatment. The only time you should have to pay is if you are selling or refinancing your home and at that point you are paying for the document they provide stating your home is free of wood destroying insects. Those prices vary by company.

What to Expect?

Your termite inspector should spend at least 30 minutes at your home on his inspection alone. He should inspect every level of your home as well as the basement, any crawlspaces, exterior areas and any connecting structures with wood to soil contact. He should then sit with you and explain his findings. His findings should include any adjustments you may need to make, for example, trimming back trees and bushes, eliminating wood piles, cleaning out gutters and downspouts, only purchasing pretreated mulch and keeping it away from the foundation.

Do I need a Treatment?

If your inspector does not find termites but you have conducive conditions he may recommend a preventative treatment to protect your home. Conducive conditions can include your home being in a heavily wooded area, high amounts of wood to soil contact. Wood to soil contact could mean wood fencing around your house that connects to the structure, wooden deck posts in the ground, wood sheds that are connected to the structure, or even wooden play equipment close to the structure. If termites were found, then you definitely need to consider a curative treatment. Either treatment varies upon what your home needs and the cost would be based on the size of the home as well as what needs to be done.

Treatment is Important

Termite treatments are important to protect your home and should be repeated regularly. Most termite chemical manufacturers recommend a retreat anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on the chemical. This recommendation is because over the years the chemical breaks down and there could be holes in your barrier that termites could use to get into your home again.

Keep up with the Warranty!

Most Termite Control companies will warranty your treatment for One Year and allow you to renew the warranty yearly for a small fee. This warranty will include annual inspections of your home to make sure you are still termite free. As long as you maintain that warranty and are not due for your booster retreat, they will spot treat any area that they may find needs a pretreatment or where termites are found. Maintaining the warranty at a cost of $100-$200 per year can save you thousands down the road.

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